The main airport in Dallas and Fort Worth

Guide to Airport DFW

The winner of the airport of the year award is the main airport in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex. This airport is a colossal establishment that has five terminals and seven runways that help operate over 1,800 flights on a daily basis.

But this isn’t the only award this airport has gotten, as its famous for consistently breaking records and reaching new feats. For instance, it not only was the first airport on the continent to become carbon neutral, but it’s also the world’s largest airport adopting such a policy.

The main airport in Dallas and Fort Worth

And even though it is large and subdivided into terminals and such, it is actually incredibly organized and very well connected. The terminals are connected through a shuttle bus service or an inter-terminal train service. These are called the Terminal Link and the Skylink respectively and are both free of charge.

As for transportation outside the airport, a plethora of options are available for the guests from public transportation in the form of trains to private car rental services, this airport has them all!

Structure of the DFW Texas Airport

As we already brushed upon, this establishment is made up of five different terminals that are soon to be six with the construction of Terminal F already under way. Each terminal has its own set of gates and its own assigned purpose, and they are:

  • Terminal A – gates A6 to A39 – purpose: hub for American Airlines
  • Terminal B – gates B1 to B49 – purpose: hub for American Eagle, a branch of American Airlines
  • Terminal C – gates C2 to C39 – purpose: hub for American Airlines
  • Terminal D – gates D6 to D40 – purpose: international DFW Airport terminal
  • Terminal E – gates E2 to E38 – purpose: domestic flights and flights to and from Canada

Structure of the DFW Texas Airport

These gates and terminals are all occupied by some of the 65 to 75 million guests that visit the airport every year. This makes the airport one of the busiest in the world! And although the Dallas Airport is a hub for American Airlines and occupies a large area in the airport, over 40 airlines in total operate there to accommodate for all these passengers.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport contact details






2400 Aviation Dr, DFW Airport, TX 75261, United States


+1 972-973-3112


Some of the wonderful amenities introduced by the airport to make your stay a better one include the high-speed Wi-Fi that is available all across the airport, the pet relief areas that are in the form of secured strips of grass with privacy and quiet that particularly the service animals make great use of, the currency exchange offices, the medical center, the chapels located in each terminal that are interfaith and allow travelers to practice their religious freedom in privacy, the nursing rooms available for mothers, and much more!

dfw airport main dallas

Entertainment and relaxation

The DFW pretty much excels in this regards with its excellent relaxation centers like the gaming stations, spas, nail salons, and barbershops. But it doesn’t stop there; the fun zones where children have a play area and parents have a comfortable place to sit are a fan-favorite! There’s also the wonderful Minute Suites that offer private rooms for rent so you can take a quick and energizing nap before your flight, as well as the option to make use of the Minute Suites facilities to take a shower and freshen up!

Similar amenities and more can be found at the many different lounges across the airport as there are around 20 different lounges in the airport. And if relaxation and napping isn’t what you’re looking for, you can also spend your time shopping and checking all the varied stores and shops at every floor in each terminal, as well as the many food options available. Food options range from convenience stores with packaged and ready-made food, full dining experiences in restaurants, and pretty much everything in between!