Departure from DFW airport

This wonderful establishment has many terminals through which your flight can depart from. These terminals are filled to the brim with well over 150 gates in total. This distribution allows for the airport facilities to function normally and be able to take in as many passengers as it usually takes in, which could get up to 75 million a year! These passengers also occupy a little less than almost two thousand daily flights that are distributed between domestic and international flights. In fact, as you can probably tell by now, this airport is incredibly large. So large, in fact, that it has its own zip code!

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But worry not, thanks to the layout that the airport has, the services provided and the available amenities, your journey through the airport is almost destined to be comfortable and fun! And whichever airport you find yourself assigned to, always keep in mind that there are two inter-terminal transportation options to choose from that can take you between the terminals quickly and with plenty of time to save. these services are the Skylink and the orange shuttle bus.

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If you’re trying your best to plan ahead for your upcoming trip, then you’re doing the right thing, because when visiting such large airports, it is always a good idea to read up on some details that you might otherwise miss. For instance, in all terminals except Terminal D, the international terminal, the inter-terminal train that is called Skylink is found on the upper levels. In the terminal designated to international flights, the train is on the lower level. This service is free and non-stop all around the airport!

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Keep reading to find out which terminal you are most probably going to find your gate at. If you are traveling with American Airlines, you will find yourself in the special terminals that are meant to only serve this airline. These terminals are A and C, and the departure level on each is level one. If you’re wondering which airline, if any, does Terminal B serve, then the answer is American Eagle. American Eagle is actually a branch of American Airlines, and it also deals with domestic flights. The departures from DFW Terminal B will also find their gate at level one.

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As previously mentioned, those with international flights will find their gates in Terminal D. Just as the terminals before it, Terminal D hosts its departure gates and check-in desks on the first level. As for Terminal E, it holds domestic flights and flights to Canada; a healthy combination of domestic and international flights. The departure gates are also on the first level of this terminal.
To find out the DFW departure times, check out this page here. For a more filtered view, where you can filter your flights and categorize them based on airlines and terminals and such, and where you can look them up based on flight number, press here.