Taxi dfw airport

Using one of the many taxi services at the DFW is a wonderful option thanks to the privacy it offers (as opposed to the use of public transportation). Taxis also may be more convenient to some people who simply need to get somewhere specific from the airport and do not want the hassle of renting an entire car.

What’s even better is that the DFW has a host of friendly companies that offer many great services such as vehicles that are accessible for those with disabilities, the option of choosing your preferable car size (perfect for those traveling in groups or as a family), the option of getting picked up from inside the airport by your designated driver, and so on.

Taxi Dallas Airport to downtown

Taxi Dallas Airport to downtown

  • Airport Express Taxi +1 214 578 1177
  • ALAMO CAB COMPANY +1 214 688 1999
  • AMBASSADOR CAB +1 214 905 1111
  • COWBOY CAB COMPANY +1 214 428 0202
  • EXECUTIVE (TAXI) +1 214 426 6262
  • FREEDOM CAB COMPANY +1 214 426 6262
  • GOLDEN CAB +1 214 426 6262
  • INTERSTATE CAB COMPANY +1 817 333 9797
  • JET TAXI +1 214 426 6262
  • MULTICOLOR TAXI +1 972 514 1155
  • SKYCAB +1 972 505 2727
  • STAR CAB +1 214 252 0055
  • TAXI DALLAS +1 214 426 6262
  • UNITED CAB SERVICES +1 817 460 6800
  • YELLOW CAB +1 214 426 6262

The DFW is, in fact, not far at all from either downtown Dallas and Fort Worth. In fact, the distance is approximately 20 and 24 miles respectively. This means that an average taxi ride from the airport to the downtown of either cities should take almost 20 minutes. For obvious reasons this number may vary depending on many things such as weather conditions, but this is the set approximate time. Prices also vary accordingly, from one company to another, and depending on the services chosen and the weather, amongst other things. An average ride from the airport to downtown Dallas is said to cost approximately $45.00.

Taxi service to DFW Airport

To get to the DFW Airport, the same information mentioned before applies here, from cost ranges, to time it will take you to get there. Another common option is using ridesharing applications. These applications, such as Uber, provide, more or less, the same services. You can also opt to get picked up by a ridesharing taxi service from the airport.

Taxi services from DFW Airport

As previously mentioned, there is a plethora of companies at the DFW ready to offer you their taxi services. Whether you have booked prior to your arrival or not, the option is there at your disposal. Choose one of the 30+ companies that you will find waiting for you.
The whereabouts of these companies in the airport are usually in the upper levels of the terminals. This applies to terminals A, B, C, and E. In terms of Terminal D, you can find these companies in the lower level.