With 70+ million visitors last year alone, you can imagine that there has to be something for everyone! In terms of transportation to DFW Airport and from it, the options are equally as large! To make traveling through the airport as easy and enjoyable as possible, the airport makes accommodations for each passenger’s needs. There are numerous selections for transportation available in the DFW, which include taxis (rideshare taxis included), trains, car rental agencies, shuttle buses and charter buses, and more.

Public transportation DFW Airport

Public transportation DFW Airport

Public transportation at the DFW is in the form of buses and trains. The buses include charter buses that you can find at the DFW ground transportation of each terminal. You can find a list of available charter buses and their contact numbers to call and inquire your questions here. Other forms of buses are the shuttle buses. The airport itself has a shuttle bus service that transports people across the airport, but hotels can also offer shuttle buses to bring their visitors directly to the hotel from the airport with maximum comfort and ease. Contact your hotel directly to ask about the availability of such an option.

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Yet another form of public transportation available at the airport is the train service. In fact, there are many train services. Mainly, the TRE and the TEXrail. The TRE is the Trinity Railways Express that allows

passengers to get around and between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, in addition to stopping at the airport. The train services can be found at the Airport Station, which can be reached from any terminal through the free airport shuttle bus. The TEXrail mainly travels to Fort Worth, and it stops at Terminal B of the airport. Just as with the Airport Station, the platform at Terminal B can also be accessed through shuttle services. Their timings and destinations differ, so do look out for whichever one works best for you. There’s also the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) which takes passengers from the airport to the Dallas area and throughout the city itself.

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Taxis and Car rentals

Taxis are another service that is part of the DFW transport system. More than 30 companies are waiting for you at the upper levels in all terminals, with Terminal D being the exception, as the taxi services are located in the lower level there. These companies offer a multitude of services and vehicles to choose from.

Car rental services are also a very convenient choice. The 12 available companies are located at the Southern Entrance of the airport, a side which can be accessed through the parking.