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With the nearly 65 to 75 million visitors to this airport yearly, some of them are merely passing through and connecting to their next destination. In general, the Dallas Airport transfer time is around a couple hours. So keep that in mind when planning your connecting flights and making way to your next trip.

If you find yourself in a terminal that is different from the one you are intending to go to next, your best solution is to take the convenient Skylink. This service is a free of charge train that takes people between terminals and different stops around the airport. Each trip takes a mere few minutes and the train arrives and leaves every couple of minutes. It is fast and efficient, and it is everyone’s best method of transferring between terminals.

Transfers dfw airport

If you have more time to spare between your connecting flights, and you find yourself in transit at the airport for longer than two hours, then seize the opportunity to make use of the many wonderful amenities at the airport. Wander around the shops and retail stores and check out all the well-known restaurants that range from fast food chains to full dine-in experiences.

If you’ve already set your sights on one of the many lounges at the airport, then spending all your hours relaxing and dining at the lounge will surely pass the time. If you haven’t booked a lounge but would like to take a nap, relax, and shower, then the Minute Suites were meant for you! They are essentially facilities that you can rent, where you will be able to shower and freshen up, and get some much needed peace and quiet and rest in your own private bedroom.

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Dallas Airport transfer from domestic to international

If you have to transfer from a domestic to an international flight, simply head over to Terminal D from whichever one of the other terminals you find yourself at. As you have probably guessed by now, all the international flights are operated from Terminal D.

The trip between terminals, as mentioned above, can easily and comfortably be done via the Skylink train.