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Since the air terminal opened in 1974, it immediately transcended the rest to turn into the enormous and wonderful foundation that it is today. Presently, it fills in as a fundamental air terminal for the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. These primary urban communities are found 20 and 24 miles respectively from the air terminal.

The region covered by the airport is huge to such an extent that it is considerably bigger than the entirety of Manhattan itself! Its enormous size additionally implies that it has its own postal district, police division, local group of fire-fighters, postal administrations, and, surprisingly, its own completely prepared emergency and trauma center.

With a better idea of the sheer size the airport occupies in the area, and its value, check out this map of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex to visually appreciate the dimensions.

Map Dallas Fort Worth area

Map Dallas Fort Worth area

The distance between the airport and either city is only 20 minutes by car, and there are other ways to get there as well, like trains and buses. The TRE (Trinity Railway Express), TEXrail, and DART (the Dallas Area Rapid Transit) are among the trains.

The TRE stops at both cities and connects them to the airport itself. Every day except Sunday, it is open from five in the morning until eleven at night. You can board the train at the Airport Station if you’re coming from the airport.

Map DFW airport area

Getting around Fort Worth and connecting it to the airport is the TEXrail’s primary goal. Additionally, it is important to note that, unlike the TRE, the TEXrail runs every day of the week and all day except for the early morning hours between two and five in the morning. This service is located at the designated platform in Terminal B.

The DART also connects the city of Dallas to the airport, which is its final focus. Any day of the week, the DART can be met at the Airport Station.

Check out this link to see all the routes the TEXrail takes including schedules, ticket options and prices, and more. If you’re more interested in the map of the routes of the TRE and other information about it, press here. For the DART, click here.

Map of Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Click here to check out an interactive terminal map of Dallas Fort Worth Airport to appreciate why it won the 2019 Airport of the Year Award, and appreciate the details on how it became the first airport in the entire North American continent to become fully carbon neutral! You can also better understand how the airport’s five terminals and nearly 180 gates are distributed.