Terminals DFW airport

Terminals DFW airport

Due to the fact that the DFW hosts nearly 60-70 million flyers on a yearly basis, it makes sense that this large establishment is made up of a multitude of terminals, more than the usual number of terminals per airport. The terminals at DFW are 5 in total, labeled as A, B, C, D, and E.

DFW airport terminal map

Terminals DFW airport map

How many terminals are at DFW?

How many terminals are at DFW

The Dallas DFW Airport terminals are divided into two separate sides, the eastern and the western edges. The eastern end of the airport contains three terminals, the A, C, and E, while the western side contains two terminals, B and D. Each terminal has a different function, with some terminals being dedicated solely to serve the flights of specific airlines.

The international terminal at DFW and more

With each terminal being dedicated to certain functions, it is important to familiarize yourself with the distribution so you can be better prepared for your trip through the airport.

The international terminal at DFW happens to be Terminal D.

It is also worth mentioning that there are a total of 188 different gates are DFW. In terminal D, you can find gates D5 to D40 waiting for you.

 international terminal at DFW

Similarly, other terminals are even more specific in their function, they are home to certain airlines. For instance, Terminal A is exclusive to American Airlines. This terminal has gates A6 to A39, and is connected to terminals B and C via some gates as well. American Airlines also occupies Terminal C, which has gates C2 to C39.

In similar fashion to both terminals A and C, Terminal B is home to only the American Eagle and hosts gates B1 to B49. Terminal E is rather unique in that it hosts all domestic flights that are not operated by American Airlines, and also hosts flights to and from Canada. The gates available at this terminal are gates E2 to E38.

Maps at the DFW

Maps at the DFW

With 188 different gates spread out across 5 terminals, some connected to each other and some not, it may get confusing to fully understand the layout without visual aid. For that reason, we recommend checking out a few important maps relating to the DFW.

For the DFW American Airlines Terminal map, click here for the map of Terminal A, and click here for the map of Terminal C.

Connecting between terminals

As previously mentioned, some terminals are directly connected to each other (as in, you walk from one to the other), and others are not. In general, however, transportation between terminals is possible through the following options.

Connecting between terminals

Your first option is the Skylink train. This option is free, quick, frequent, and goes around all terminals. The waiting time is usually a few minutes, and each trip lasts around 5 minutes.

The second option is the Terminal Link. This option is also free of charge and quite frequent. The bright-colored shuttle can be found at the pick-up and drop-off location in Terminal D, and on the upper levels of all the other terminals.