DFW airport terminal A map

Terminal A map

The DFW Airport is up there amongst the largest and busiest airports both in the country and worldwide. The 60-75 million flyers that choose to pass through this airport every single year have to be accommodated for somehow. For this reason, the airport has a very specific layout and distribution. 188 gates are spread across 5 different terminals. Each terminal has its own purpose, and this serves to keep traffic to a minimum and operations running as smoothly as they can.

Dallas Fort Worth Terminal A

Dallas Fort Worth Terminal A

Terminal A is one of three terminals that are designated to specific airlines (terminals A, B, and C), and one of two terminals that are home to American Airlines (terminals A and C). Due to that, these terminals are connected to one another, and walking from one to the next is possible.,

dfw airport map terminal a

Terminal A contains boarding gates A8 to A39 that can be found on level 1. This level homes the arriving and departing passengers of Terminal A, the ground transportation at the lower level, and the Skylink stop at the upper level. Speaking of Skylink, the other mode of inter-terminal transportation, the Terminal Link can be found at the A10 gate.
You can also get to the Dallas DART (Delta Area Rapid Transit) using the railways services from Terminal A. To get a better picture of the layout of the terminal, press here to check out the DFW map of Terminal A.

DFW Terminal A

Facilities at the airport Terminal A

First and foremost, the most luxurious facility to be found at Terminal A is the American Airlines Admirals Club lounge. This lavish lounge can be used to comfortably relax, grab a hot meal, perhaps get some work done on a desk, and also to treat yourself to your favorite drink.

Facilities at the airport Terminal A

Besides the lounge, you can find many more ways to have fun and places to enjoy great food at. Go shopping at the:

  • Ertekin Men’s Boutique
  • iStore
  • L’Occitane
  • Brookstone
  • Sunglass Hut

food terminal a airport dfw

And many more! The DFW Terminal A food options are just as great! You can find, to name a few:

  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Dallas Cowboys Club
  • Dunkin’s Donuts
  • McDonald’s
  • Pinkberry
  • Popeyes

In terms of services adn shops, you can find:

shops terminal a airport dfw

  • Pet relief zones
  • ATMs
  • A hair salon
  • A children’s play area (Aquafina Junior Flyer’s Club)
  • Free Wi-Fi and power stations
  • US Mail Drops
  • Shoe shining services
  • Convenience stores
  • News stands

Whether you’re heading to the American Airlines Admirals Club lounge for a break to pass the time, or you’re wandering around the stores eating a pretzel, you’re sure to find something to do and enjoy at Terminal A!