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The DART is the Dallas Area Rapid Transit rail service that allows its passengers the opportunity to explore the wonderful city of Dallas and all that it has to offer, conveniently and without the need to worry about transportation. Simply hop on and off the DART from one destination to another. Your adventure can begin as soon as you land in the airport. The DART can be picked up from the DFW Airport Station (which you can get to by a free shuttle bus in the airport).

To board the train, you should have one of two tickets: either the midday pass that costs $2.00 per person, or the full day pass that costs $6.00 per person.


The TRE is the Trinity Railway Express that moves around the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, and the airport. In the airport itself, the platform in which you can find the TRE is accessible through the free shuttle services provided by the airport itself. It can be accessible from ay terminal, simply head over to the ground transportation area to pick up the shuttle.

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The stops of the TRE include:

  • Dallas Union Station
  • Fort Worth ITC Station
  • CentrePort
  • DFW Airport Station

trinity railway express schedules

In terms of prices, you have three options to choose from: the regional day pass that costs $10.00 per person, the local day pass (valid for 24 hours) that costs $5.00, or just the two-hour pass that only costs $2.50. If you’re looking for a train to DFW from Dallas, and the other way around, or a train from DFW to Fort Worth, and vice versa, then the TRE could be a great choice for you!
It is important to note that the service hours of this train are from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm, and remember that it does not operate on Sundays. So plan accordingly!


TEXrail dfw airport

The TEXrail train service works every day of the week, and only halts operations between the hours of 2:00 am and 5:00 am. The cost of a single ride on the TEXrail is $2.50 per person, and the cost of a full day pass on the TEXrail is $5.00 per person.

Unlike the other public transportation options, this train does not pick up people from the DFW Airport Station. Instead, the TEXrail itself stops at Terminal B. To get to Terminal B, simply board a free shuttle that takes passengers around the airport.

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Additional information

To purchase a ticket on either option of the aforementioned public transportation services, you can either do that from a designated kiosk in the city, or the GoPass mobile application, or simply check out the links below:

  • To check out the schedules and information on the DART, click here.
  • For an opportunity to book a pass with the TexRail and to check out the schedules, press here.
  • To find out more details about the TRE and the available routes, click here.

As you have probably noticed by now, the TRE is mainly a train from Dallas to Fort Worth (airport included in the trip), the TEXrail mainly takes people to Fort Worth, while the DART, as the D in the name implies, mainly takes people to Dallas. Whatever your plan is and wherever you may be headed, there’s an option for you!